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    Coleco Vision presses buttons automatically.

    Even with no controllers plugged in it triggers answers and will bypass the "lvl" select screen. If we proceed through and play the game it will trigger up on the stick also... I checked the board seemed good… if anyone knows exactly where to check, if not I'll trash this system...
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    Controller repair, need help finding good parts (Xbox One, PS4)

    I used to order my joystick parts from the same guy on ebay, now the potentiometer are incredibly cheap on his joysticks and they have huge deadzone and the 3d rotation joystick itself is also super cheap. (crooked pins so the center position is messed up) Do you guys have any reliable...
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    CD,DVD,BD inner ring crack glues

    I personally use Locktite 414, I spread both layers of the cracked disc with a toothpick and apply it gently in between.
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    Controller repair, need help finding good parts (Xbox One, PS4)

    Not at all, but thanks for the reply! hahahah! No the issue is that with Xbox One and PS4 the joystick they have in there are really poorly done and the potentiometer wears on its own, the metal arms in it scratch the carbon up and it messes things up. your joystick will go crazy...
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    SNES Classic mod, adding SD/MMC Help needed

    hopefully more people will need this and we get implementation into hakchi2 and then we can solder our memory add-on insinde of it.
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    SNES Classic mod, adding SD/MMC Help needed

    So this Guy on twitter posted the wollowing <a class="externalLink" href="https://twitter.com/nvsofts/status/917278643763556352" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://twitter.com/nvsofts/status/917278643763556352</a> his post basically says, for people who want to ad SD/MMC to their...
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    SNES solid black screen, changed caps...

    I have this SNES very first model, SHVC-CPU-01 changed all caps still black screen, checked the cart connector, checked pretty much all I would suspect. Any idea, suggestion?
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    Pokémon Stadium 2 crashes after the N64 logo and Pika!

    I already tried heating up the solder points so everything should be good there... maybe it's a broken trace but it looks perfect.
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    Pokémon Stadium 2 crashes after the N64 logo and Pika!

    I have this Pokémon Stadium cart which locks up after the N64 logo and Pikachu saying; "PIKA!" I really don,t know where to look as I'm really more familiar with console repair than cardridges, other than redoing traces and changing resistors or batteries... I had this cart given, I...
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    Playstation Memory Card Archive

    I am not personally interested in these saves but I'm amazed that some are really as dedicated as to preserve these files. Imagine some guy had sold his card and then would want to get back into retro gaming andfound his save online. thumbs up for the guys archiving this stuff!
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    GameShark 2 save data with bunch of codes. Anyone?

    So thing is I had a GameShark 2 for a LONG time and I actually lost the memory card to which I had saved the huge selection of codes I had entered manually. Now it'd be a pain to enter all of this manually again. Anyone here has a GameShark 2 and could share their save data? I...
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    Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

    <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeQuote" data-author="Atolm"> <div class="attribution type">Atolm said: <a class="AttributionLink" href="goto/post?id=940625#post-940625">↑ </div> <blockquote class="quoteContainer">
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    Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

    This is like a dream coming true. I'll finally be able to replay my childhood classics. I can't wait to see where the UI can go to too.
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    Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

    It's now called the Satiater and not the Satisfier anymore. as I see, he's gonna support SD and USB. great. It's getting closer and closer.
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    Saturn Optical Drive Emulator

    I really can't wait for this! Sega Saturn is such an underrated console but overinflated price for its games.