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    PA: Dreamcast Website [Translated]

    Great idea i've been steadily archiving all the sites for the Dreamcast games possible.
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    Post everytime you buy something game related and your unbelievable deals

    dyer60 i'll pm you a question about your covers
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    Any unleaked Dreamcast games in circulation?

    Laurent i'm not too sure it was the American 2nd party development teams that made the 2k series of sports games (Visual Concepts) so stateside development wasn't canceled. Although apart from localising software i'm not aware of what titles Sega USA actually developed.
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    Any unleaked Dreamcast games in circulation?

    There were quite a few Sega of Japan developed titles that were either quite far along or finished that didn't get released. I wonder if the changes to HOTD3 meant that the Dreamcast version was scrapped as development was pushed back, and if it would have continued with its cel shaded style...
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    Any unleaked Dreamcast games in circulation?

    Interesting i thought that part of the code might have used Win CE as it was a standardised target that early development could at least be shared between studios rather than waiting for the Katana software to be developed. Does anyone actually know the internal Sega of America team that was...
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    PlayStation 3 3D display monitor

    Bump refurbished eprom sets are also fine as sooner or later the units seem to fail.
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    PlayStation 3 3D display monitor

    Still after the monitor would be happy with a repaired eprom set also.
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    PlayStation 3 3D display monitor

    Thanks guys i'll see if i can work out a deal.
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    PlayStation 3 3D display monitor

    I'm based in the UK & looking for a working mint condition PlayStation 3 3D display monitor preferably in the UK/Europe to offset shipping costs. I think it might have not been marketed under the Playstation banner in some parts of Europe but is the same thing. Would prefer boxed with the pair...
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    Japanese GDR's

    Anyone got any Japanese dreamcast GDR's they want to move on?
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    Roubi’s dev, preview and review discs sales thread - DC, PS1,PS2,GC,Xbox

    Hey, If you still have these please put me down for them. Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi gd-rom €30 Dreamcast Expandable gd-rom €30 Dreamcast - Fighting Viper 2 gd-rom €30 Dreamcast
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    Gauging interest in printing corrected discs

    Happy to be in for an updated version, can supply pictures of my original version.
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    Action: Bought from Items: Two gdr's Feedback: Great kept in contact well packed fast postage cheers Time: June 2016
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    Sonic Extreme for Xbox

    I think it looks good graphics seem nice considering the age. Has the music from sonic adventure?