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    GBA e-reader questions

    If you've seen me post before, you know I'm obsessed with gamecube. I was browsing Ebay for some Japan imports when I found a boxed Animal Crossing for Gamecube in good condition with the e Reader for $16 plus shipping. Now I'm no animal crossing fan by any means, I actually...
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    Quick NR/Gamecube question

    So for gamecube, I know you need a seperate memory card for different regions, or else you have to wipe the memory card. Ex: I have a memory card for my North American Console and a memory card for my Japanese console. You cant interchange them without wiping the data. Can I use a...
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    Nothing special, but kind of cool

    I used to work at target. I never worked in electronics, just cashier and stuff. But one day whoever was switching out the 3ds promotional material just left this laying out after inserting the new one, so I just took this home. <a class="externalLink"...
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    Gamecube Silver nr disc?

    I thought I'd share this because I've never heard of it and I'm skeptical of it's authenticity. <img alt="s-l400.jpg" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" src="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/s-l400-jpg.35231/"/> This is allegedly a "silver" nr disc of a prototype for...
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    So what happened?

    I’ve heard of this game. I even saw this section when I first signed up but it was all old topics. I was just reading through all this fuckery today cuz I was bored and I’m confused. So what was the ending result?
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    The Wii Shop is dead

    The Wii Shop died January 30th. All service is officially cut. The Wii is dead. Shoot I remember when this thing was brand new, but the wiishop has lived for an impressive 14 years. I suppose it’s time. It’s a shame that I didn’t really realize how much of a retro game console...
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    How many copies of this exist?

    <a class="externalLink" href="https://limitedrungames.com/products/switch-limited-run-8-night-trap-preorder?variant=8462693531701" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://limitedrungames.com/products/switch-limited-run-8-night-trap-preorder?variant=8462693531701</a> Does anyone...
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    My collection

    I’m currently downsizing my collection. I’m not getting rid of anything of value, just a bunch of common games and stuff. Regardless, thought I’d share what I’ve got. <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" data-url="https://i.imgur.com/5GWCEzu.jpg"...
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    Access to NR writer? (GCN)

    I have a few blank gamecube nr discs now, and I’m really curious about if it’s still possible to write onto one of them. I’ve seen some posts on here from a few years ago, and of course there’s that fake wind waker prototype. Is it still possible and would someone be willing to...
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    <b>Action: [/b] bought from <b>Item(s): [/b] gamecube nr disc <b>Date: [/b] March 2018 <b>Feedback: [/b] Great seller. No problems whatsoever, would love to do business again in the future.
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    Repairing NR reader GameCube

    What a predicament... I purchased an nr reader on eBay that said it was 100% functional, however as the story is unraveling, it seems to be less than 100% functional. The seller has offered to get it repaired, but I’m not sure if him or his guy know how to repair it. So I’m...
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    How many NGC NR readers exist?

    I just purchased a GameCube nr reader. I’m wondering how many actually exist? I can’t imagine Nintendo has released that kind of info. <b>Factors to consider:[/b] 1.) There are around 660ish games for gamecube. If we made an assumption and said each game was made...
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    Anyone play Fortnite?

    I know that a lot of people on this forum are very passionate about retro games as am I, but the current gen games often bring some excitement to the table. Everyone’s heard of Fortnite by now right? If you haven’t, check it out! It’s free to play on PS4 and Xbox at the moment, you don’t need to...
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    PayPal credit on EBay?

    I rarely use PayPal, but today I saw that you can get a line of credit and you can use it on certain sites including eBay. Does anyone know how that works? Like if I buy something from a seller on ebay, could I use that to pay?
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    Celebi Distribution Cart

    I'm just wondering what this is worth. I spent about $90. It seems to be the original casing meaning it wasn't destroyed and repaired like many are. Anyone familiar with this?n <img alt="IMG_1924.JPG" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" src="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/img_1924-jpg.31129/"/>
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    Hello! Gamecube guy here

    I love gamecube, and I’m seriously considering buying an nr reader if that’s even possible these days. I’m looking for potential sellers for gamecube nr discs. It seems like they’re very rare. Anyway, that’s what I’m here for, glad to be here and see what other neat stuff people have