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    [PS2] POPS stuff & POPStarter

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    Using Lightscribe Technology to Create Bootable PlayStation CDs?

    I know this is a stupid idea, but has anyone ever looked into altering or modifying Lightscribe tech to replicate the wobble on PlayStation media to create a bootable disc?
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    Using Lightscribe Technology to Create Bootable PlayStation CDs?

    To answer your question, yes I do understand how it works from a conceptual standpoint. Like I said, I know it was a monumentally stupid idea, but I figured I'd put it out there.
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    Native Mouse & Keyboard Support in KillZone? (PS2)

    I was recently playing a round of KillZone and when I booted the game, I couldn't help but notice that the keyboard worked all the way up to starting a level. Is it possible that there's some debug code left inside the final game that is simply turned off?
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    PS2Netbox / PS2USB network adapter

    Highly interested, where can I purchase one of these?
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    Virtua Fighter 3(Shenmue) on Sega Saturn

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    Having problems cloning hdd with chimp

    What model Xbox are you using, and which version of Chimp are you using?
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    Will a PSP 3000 function without the UMD Drive?

    I recently picked up a PSP 3000 on eBay with the infamous issue of the drive seeking a UMD without anything inserted. With this issue, I am unable to launch any software to mod the hardware off the memory card. What I'm interested in finding out is whether or not I can bypass this issue by...
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    Will a PSP 3000 function without the UMD Drive?

    Much to my surprise, it DOES work without the UMD drive on OFW! I already went ahead and disconnected the drive, powered it on and successfully modded it without issue!
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    Why Did Sony Do Away With PS2 Swap-Checking Security in OSD?

    Recently I pulled out my drive sensor-blocked PS2 slim to play some PS1 games via the swap trick at OSD (for anyone wondering, get yourself the GameShark PSone bonus archive disc. It offers a maxed-out ToC and will boot any game that doesn't require redbook audio). While I was swapping, I...
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    WTB: Sell Me Your Red Octane DDR Pads!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to pick up a pair of working Red Octane-brand soft DDR pads (the type with the hard foam inserts). I've recently gotten back into StepMania and am looking for a casual way to play! I will entertain offers of Afterburners if anyone has one of those, as well! While not...
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    Xbox HDM and external IDE enclosures...

    Thank you so much!!
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    Xbox HDM and external IDE enclosures...

    Update for anyone who is/was interested: I managed to get my hands on an old DELL desktop with IDE ports, and hotswapping after throwing the system into an error 12 was a total breeze. As I suspected, my client had deleted the C partition to free up more space for additional software. After...
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    Xbox HDM and external IDE enclosures...

    After beating my proverbial head against the wall searching for a solution, I'm sure I already know the answer that's coming, but I figured I would still ask...after all, can't hurt, right? Does XBHDM support Xbox hard drives via USB (once successfully unlocked) at all? I'm currently...
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    Xbox HDM and external IDE enclosures...

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    Does the PS2 require the DVD drive to boot?

    I'm considering taking an original stock PS2 and creating a custom case (just the motherboard, ports and HDD) and want to oust the DVD drive altogether to help slim down the overall build, but don't know if the system can still properly function without the DVD drive. Does anyone know if this...
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    HDDOSD Issues

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    Open PS2 Loader and DDR Supernova 1 & 2?

    Recently I've been messing around a bit with my PS2 and decided to reinstall a few DDR titles to my hard drive. Everything from Max to Extreme work flawlessly, but I'm running into an issue where the arrows and music slowly go out of sync in DDR Supernova 1, 2, Extreme 2, and DDR X (US...
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    PS2 Mechacon firmware dump?

    Sorry to resurrect a long-dead thread, but I was wondering if there has ever been any progress on this?
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    PlayStation 2: Are There Any Hardware Mysteries Left?

    These days, there's nothing you CAN'T do with a PS2. From a end-user standpoint, the system has been cracked six-ways to Sunday. But my question is are there still mysteries or details about the hardware that remain a mystery? Is there any element of the system or protection schemes that...