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    Help identify and repair PSOne bios mod

    Found this awesome bios mod in a random psone. Unfortunately I'm getting a black screen when I power on. I assume this is one of those bios mods that enables VCD and cheats. Would love to get it to work again. Any ideas on where to start?
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    PlayStation 2 Automobile Snow White

    CONSOLE ONLY. NO CONTROLLERS, BOX, STAND OR WIRES. PlayStation 2 Automobile Edition - SNOW WHITE (NTSC-J) Serial Number W0000164 Tested and fully working. Check pictures for condition. Asking price: 295USD via PayPal Price includes shipping via EMS (4-7 days) <img...
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    Sega Nomad Lcd Mod Flicker

    I have installed an LCD to my Nomad but I'm getting some slight flickering. I also feel the colors are not quite right. There are guides online on how to fix this by jumping some wires on the step down chip but they all have a different board than mine . Any idea what can be done to...
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    Neo Geo AES Rev 3-5 RGB Bypass Issues

    I followed the tutorial on the below link for the RGB bypass for Rev 3-5. <a class="externalLink" href="http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/tutorials.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/tutorials.html</a> This is the rev board I have and I have...
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    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Hong Kong Variant)

    I would like to sell my rare copy of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island <i>Hong Kong</i> variant but unable to decide on a price as there aren't any up for sale online at the moment. This is a very odd variant. Here are a few things I know about it: - It is probably the only SNES...
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    HDL Dump GUI not detecting HDD

    I had to format my OS and reinstall windows after a crash and now I am unable to get HDL GUI to detect the hard disk while its connected via an external case. It says the the "HDD does not have a comapatible HDL dump" I am running the app as an admin and using a drive that used to work...
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    PlayStation 2 HDD Fuse Replacement (PS10 & PS9)

    I have a bunch of PS2s sitting that all have problems with running hard disks. I read online that it could be a problem with the PS10 and PS9 fuses. I opened one up and noticed these fuses had the number 50 stamped on top. Tested with a multi meter and surely both seem blown. I recall...
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    PS2 HDD Works Only When CD Inserted?

    Hello, My PS2 only recognizes the HD when a disc is inserted. I am using the MAXDIYPOWER Sata adapter. I have a 1TB Seagate Baracuda with an original Network Adapter. My PS2 model is 39001. Realized it only recognizes the HD when I insert a disc. I would have to hold select after...
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    AV Modding an Atari Clone

    Hello I'd like to AV mod this awesome Atari clone I found. It has 1000 games supposedly built in. Most of the classics so far are included and I am very happy with that. How can I identify video, vcc, audio etc? Please see below pics of the board. <a class="externalLink"...
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    Jupiter - Disc Based Playstation 1 Clone

    A local seller had this for sale and I snagged it up immediately and I just wanted to share this amazing find with everyone. It's called 'Jupiter'. <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" data-url="http://i.imgur.com/nAfUWnj.jpg" src="http://i.imgur.com/nAfUWnj.jpg"/> At...
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    Neo Geo CD Power Jack Replacement?

    I have a Neo Geo CD frontloader and I'm missing the power supply. The original ones seem to be quite expensive and for me it would mean a few weeks wait in order to get one. Is it possible to swap out the 3 pin power jack with something more common? I'm unable to find the female plug...
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    Scrolling white bars on Mega Drive 2

    I am experiencing scrolling what bars on multiple Mega Drive 2 consoles that I currently have. 3 of them. I have tried different AV cables but that did not resolve the issue. What could be the problem? Please see below picture. <a class="LbTrigger" data-href="misc/lightbox"...
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    Coolboy Famicom Multicart not working on some Famicoms

    Hello, I am having this incredibly annoying problem. I have a bunch of Famicoms and a bunch of these Chinese Coolboy multicarts. The multicarts seem to work fine on some of my consoles but won't load on others. Any idea why? Picture of the carts board below. <img...
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    Changing PS1 power supply board from 110v to 220v

    Hello, I have a PS1 power supply board that is 110v. I would like to modify it to work on 220v power without a step down converter. I remember in the past I switched the big capacitor and it worked. I can't seem to remember the rating of the capacitor. The one currently on the...
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    Help identify Wii mod chip

    Any idea what mod chip this is or how to install? Can't seem to find anything about any 'wii ju' <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" data-url="http://i.imgur.com/hEzN8vy.jpg?2" src="http://i.imgur.com/hEzN8vy.jpg?2"/>
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    Anti-Piracy Ps1 Games

    Hello. Is there a way to play protected games on a modded ps1 with 4wire chip? I know there are patches however I can't seem to find any. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Demonic Audio from SCPH 1000 PS1

    I have this Japanese PS1 that has a weird issue. It's making some very creepy sounds on start up. I can't tell you what it sounds like when the game starts because the laser needs to be fixed. What could be the problem? I've uploaded a video for you to hear. <iframe...
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    Help Programming MM3 HEX on PIC12C508A with TOP3000

    Hello, I have a TOP3000 programmer that I am trying to program a PIC12C508A with. I am trying to write the JAP MM3 dump on it for a PS1. Unfortunately loading the dump and writing it on the PIC did not work right away so there must be something that I need to change in the settings...