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    I have a copy of CHUCK ROCK RACER beta for MegaCD, but can't...

    But can't read the disk. How would I go about dumping it? Full disclosure, it's on a red Sega CDR, and I've had it for years (nearly 20 I reckon), It used to work on my UK MEGA CD, but I sold that years ago. I think it's basically just BC racers with an older name, but have tried to dump it...
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    Which control pads originally came with the PAL Multi-Mega?

    Just picked up an unboxed Multimega in AgeUK in Brighton. Was listed as a Personal CD player, and I managed to get it for £3!!!!! That's right. Three British Pounds. It works great as far as I can tell, although I only have master system pads here and a copy of Sega Arcade Classics 5-1 on CD to...