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    36.7 Mhz point

    Hi, I'm trying to overclock my VA1 dreamcast without luck. My Dreamcast is equipped with a DCHDMI though. I pretty much followed this guide: <a class="externalLink" href="http://www.racketboy.com/retro/overclock-your-dreamcast" rel="nofollow"...
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    VA1 region changer not working..

    Hi there, I've recently bought a Japanese (ntsc-j) VA1 mainboard on ebay to replace my VA0 mainboard. Also I've added a few mods to make it fit my needs. - Replaced the stock PSU with a PicoPSU - Got a flashable bios chip from bad_ad84, piggybacked it and fitted a switch to select...
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    Dreamcast IDE pack

    Hi there, if this is against the rules then please remove this topic. On theisozone there's been a big pack of Dreamcast games prepared for use on a IDE device with Dreamshell. See: <a class="externalLink"...
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    Some help with replacement VA1 mainboard

    Hi there folks, I've recently bought a model 1 NTSC-U HKT-3020 Dreamcast console. <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" data-url="http://i64.tinypic.com/wusaq9.jpg" src="http://i64.tinypic.com/wusaq9.jpg"/> It features a VA0 mainboard (with heatpipes) which says: <div...
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    Some questions regarding my modded Dreamcast

    Hi folks, I'm modding my Dreamcast with an internal CF-card reader, dual bios and PicoPSU. My goal is to have it overclocked as well using a switch. So far I've removed the internal PSU and replaced it with the PicoPSU kit. I've also installed a 2.5inch CF-card reader. <img...
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    WTB Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

    I'd like to buy a Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter. The 100Mbit one (HIT-400 or HIT-401). I know they're offered on ebay for insane prices atm. If someone would like to sell one for a fair price please let me know <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1"...
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    Dreamcast bios alternative points?

    Hi there, I've bought a replace bios chip for my VA1 dreamcast a while ago. It should have been pre-programmed. However when I attempted to remove my original rom chip, I've burned pad 17. Now when I turn on my Dreamcast, there's a beep on my controller, the fan spins and even the...