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    Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Scan

    Is anybody willing to take their Broad Band Adapter apart and take a picture of the topside PCB and bottom side PCB please? Thanks
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    Sale of the Dreamcast Name, Patents, Copyrights, Etc

    To all my Assembler Brethren, especially the Dreamcast ones! I have sent several emails and made several calls to Sega asking them if they would sell all their Dreamcast related Assets, copyrights, patents, etc. This would basically be everything they ever made for Dreamcast, any future...
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    Millennial Checking in!

    Just saying hello! Big fan of Most thing Sega, but of course I can do pretty much anything. Just bought two game gears off Ebay for 3.00, recapped them with GOOD capacitors and have a Everdrive flash cart on the way. I LOVE Dreamcast. I have asked Sega how much it would take for me to buy all...
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    Overdrive Game Gear HOW TO

    Everdrive Game Gear HOW TO To all my Assembler brethren, I offer a guide on how to use this wonderful device, simply because there isn't really a "Clearcut" How to on this thing and if you don't know what your doing, it can lead to some frustrating and regretful times. I will edit this as...