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    FS: XPC-4 *Work Great*

    Comes with shown (and documents/manuals/box). Works fine, has a few scratches/marks. I just don't use it anymore. $315 shipped. in the US. <a class="externalLink" href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/2itcrfmbgsgnw81/xpc2.jpg?raw=1" rel="nofollow"...
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    Sega SKC-1000C Commander (Prologue 21)

    Works great. Has a Scsi HDD in it, but I can also include a dump of the HDD in case you want to upgrade it to a SSD solution. The debug port on the back has been removed and replaced with a RGB out via a VGA connector. Some screws are incorrect as when I bought it the seller removed many of the...
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    WTB: Blue Angelo GP32

    Anyone have one for sale? <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Smile :)"/>
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    PS3 Test Model (Fat, full backwards compatibility)

    Anyone know how much the first Ps3 Test Models are worth? The one with full backwards compatibility.
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    WTB: Katana GD-Writer

    Anyone have one? <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Smile :)"/>
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    Sega Katana 5.24 Repair Notes / Need some help

    So I received a Katana that wouldn't do anything basically except power on, so let's go right to it. * Someone replaced the surface mount electrolytic caps pretty poorly as well as the through hole caps with some unknown Chinese brand of caps that were already corroding, wtf? * No...
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    Want to trade 3do Development System for..

    After some help with a member here this development system is working perfectly. This is the more prototype development system as none of the chips say 3do on it. (only mention of 3do is on the board itself) I have dumped all of the GALS and the CPLD off the board and socketed them, so those...
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    WTB: Broken GP32 hardware

    Also buying broken hardware!
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    WTB: GP32 games

    Either Korean or EU. Looking to get into this, but they are all rather rare heh Will buy or trade dev stuff for.
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    WTB: COH-2000 SCSI ISA Card

    A kind soul let me know what card I needed for my COH-2000 Development system. I was wondering if anyone had one here? <img alt="coh2000.jpg" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" src="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/coh2000-jpg.33983/"/>
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    PSX DEV Kit Scsi connector?

    This comes off a Sony Arcade Target Box, it's an expansion card (Used for ZN-1 based board debugging). I've been trying to find the SCSI card for the SCSI like connector, but I'm having no luck..so I thought maybe Sony used something similar to the regular dev system? Any help would be great...
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    Sony COH-2000 Arcade Target Box

    So I thought I would show this off with hopes that someone knew more about it or had software for the PC side. Basically this is an Atari dev board for the ZN1 arcade platform. It has the same top board as Primal Rage 2 and the same PSX CPLD encryption chip (but lacks the CAT702 security...
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    Another Odd Genesis Dev item

    Found this. From what a friend tells me the 27256 chip in the socket contains bitstream code for an FPGA that isn't in that QFP socket, so maybe if we can find that chip we can see what this board does. Board seems to be made by interactive network which according to a few pages they were...
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    Super Prologue 21 SKC-1000C HDD Dumps (Freeplay/Locked Dumps)

    So I found another HDD of the SKC-1000C and discovered that the karaoke functions are locked to coin unless the HDD tells it otherwise. Of course this means there is no way to play the karaoke unless you have the coin hopper as well. However Sega did pump out some versions of the Prologue...
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    WTS/WTT Multigame Doctor 2 w/ tons of adapters & more

    Looking to trade this either toward a Katana or sell it outright. As for price, maybe $500 + shipping OBO for all. Comes with: --1 Multigame Doctor 2 - tested works fine, disk drive is still good. Comes with no AC adapter though. --2 SRAM Megadrive adapters --1 Super Famicom SRAM...
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    Multi Game Doctor 2 Lot

    Looking to get a price on a Gamedoctor 2 that has the SuperGraphx module, Super Famicom DRAM,1 Megadrive DRAM version and 2 Megadrive SRAM versions, Gameboy, and Gamegear hook ups/carts, and a Gamedoctor 2 back up board (for dumping) that has slots for PC Engine, Super Famicom and Megadrive...
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    There are tons of controllers, but what about the system!?

    A little preview <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Smile :)"/> <img alt="whatisit.jpg" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" src="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/whatisit-jpg.28239/"/> <img alt="ahgain.jpg"...
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    Super Prologue Sega SKC-1000 HDD Dump

    A few people were asking for this because if you don't have a working HDD, the entire thing won't work. This is an entire dump that I compacted so it would fit onto a 512mb compact flash card. Works perfectly, just use winimage to restore it to a 512mb HDD or Compact flash. I think the drive has...
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    Odd Recycle Store Pickups

    Picked up a bunch of funky stuff today..obviously out of the ordinary. I know must of them are back up devices and such.
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    .PAK file?

    So I have this Xbox beta disc and all it says on it is a game name and the only file on it is a .pak file. What exactly do I do with this?