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    How do you find prototypes?

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    Xbox hard drive upgrade WITHOUT modding?

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    ordered mine in round 3, can't wait
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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

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    Halo Wars builds

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    DreamCast SoulCalibur beta 80%

    2019 and HI_Ricky is still taking photos that look like they were taken on a phone from 2002
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    Xbox Original Kernel & Dash source code

    relevant to some interest
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    WTF ? $100.000 for a sealed Super Mario Bros. NES cartridge ?

    I've always felt the grading stuff was a load of horseshit tbh
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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

    yeah, it would be nice if someone could post available source if able, I think someone was working on customizations to the menu code but not sure where that's at
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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

    pardon my additional questions, but does the 'high_speed' option work on a clone, if I add it to my gdemu INI my system just reports no disc inserted til I remove the line back out, not sure if it's because the clone doesn't implement the feature at all / properly, or if it's because I'm using...
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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

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    Analougue- Mega Sg (Thoughts?)(worth it?)

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    Unofficial Deunan's GDEMU Thread

    what's the latest version of the sd card maker? the download link in OP doesn't work (xxx.biskoto.gr does not resolve), I have 1.04 but the OP also mentions a 1.05 changelog, any help appreciated
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    NES Sim City Prototype found!

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    Wisdom Tree source code disks for sale?

    fair pricing, but yeah, I'd want to know the discs actually *contain* what they claim to have on them and aren't just now-blank discs
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    Mortal Kombat 3 (PC/PSX) and Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64) source code

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    F/S: TWO New Geniune Dreamcast GDEMU

    On top of the 100% markup on these, I sure wouldn't be paying via Paypal Gift since afaik you give up some buyer protection by doing so. If you really want a GDEMU and don't want to wait for the short window of opportunity, just buy the clone, it's only $65-$70 on Aliexpress. The supply issues...
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    F/S: TWO New Geniune Dreamcast GDEMU

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