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    This forum to close in 30 days

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    This forum to close in 30 days

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    This forum to close in 30 days

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    FM Towns Marty - Season 3 launched today!

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    WTB: Nintendo 64DD

    <span style="font-family: 'Arial'"><span style="color: #000000">I'm in the UK, but I could possibly send it to my cousin, (family gift, to avoid tax etc.) who lives in Gosford just outside Sydney... Then he could just pay local shipping. He's away for 2 weeks in Bali but if you don't get any...
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    Dreamcast Year One Book KickStarter

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    the unreleased code veronica x for dc

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    MK2 (arcade) in 240p

    Yeah, the Wii just doesn't have the power to run any of the T/Y-Unit games at full speed. This was a problem with MAME too until processors and drivers caught up in the mid 2000's. Best bet is like GOH said either a Supergun and PCB or a videocard capable of outputting 240p on a recent PC...
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    Best emulators for the PS3

    You won't be able to play original Dreamcast games anyway, as it is a totally different disk format to anything else. It isn't a CD or a DVD, in fact it is close to a CD but not compatible. The pits on the disc are packed closer together giving you an extra 300MB or so. Have never attempted disc...
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    Things that you regret you sold

    I traded in my whole collection of PS1 games (including every launch title, all the FF's and all 5 of the RE's and my Launch edition PS1 (still boxed) on launch day for a PS2 and TTT and RR5. Ended up buying back most of the PS1 games within the year from the same place, most of them were still...
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    I have a copy of CHUCK ROCK RACER beta for MegaCD, but can't...

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    Is daylight bad for your game boxes?

    Not game box related, but this is my experience from my record collection. I have a full complete set of Nirvana Slivers in all the colours, and paid a stupid amount to get the records and sleeves all mounted and framed for my office. After 6 months of display, three of the sleeves had gone...
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    Things that you regret you sold

    I put my boxed Atari ST on eBay when I was moving house about 15 years ago. It came with the Powerpack, over 100 boxed games in fantastic condition, (including all the ST Lucasarts titles) a 30mb Atari HDD, every copy of ST Format up until issue 44, and about 300 loose floppy disks, cover disks...
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    I have a copy of CHUCK ROCK RACER beta for MegaCD, but can't...

    But can't read the disk. How would I go about dumping it? Full disclosure, it's on a red Sega CDR, and I've had it for years (nearly 20 I reckon), It used to work on my UK MEGA CD, but I sold that years ago. I think it's basically just BC racers with an older name, but have tried to dump it...
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    Xbox 360 XeDK Beta-1 extra minty in original box

    Like what Trimesh said, but also it's last gen and if they never asked for it back and you can buy it, from someone who was never asked to give it back then go for it. Basically though it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. So how much are you willing to pay?
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    Which control pads originally came with the PAL Multi-Mega?

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    Which control pads originally came with the PAL Multi-Mega?

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    Which control pads originally came with the PAL Multi-Mega?

    Just picked up an unboxed Multimega in AgeUK in Brighton. Was listed as a Personal CD player, and I managed to get it for £3!!!!! That's right. Three British Pounds. It works great as far as I can tell, although I only have master system pads here and a copy of Sega Arcade Classics 5-1 on CD to...
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    Red Bull contest/event psp system

    I don't think these are actually that rare. Maybe the Logitek back cases are, but only because some of them were custom printed for specific events. I have a set of 2006 EU PSPs with the red bull logo on the front, they are all the same apart from the back case, which is either generic Redbull...
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    Babes In Silicon Land:Atari Lynx Designers Magazine Feature.

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