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    Milo & Kate (Project Milo)

    There's a devkit build of this out and about, took some screenshots and have been going through some data, I'll put a tcrf page together some point this week. Unfortunately it tends to crash fairly often and I'm not familiar enough with the 360 SDK to know how / if you can attach for remote...
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    Desoldering Recommendations Nowadays

    I know the Hakko 808 used to be very popular, but is now discontinued. Anyone have some good recommendations on a desoldering solution? Whether Hakko or knock off equivalent
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    Modifying Saturn DIN Connector Wiring

    Greetings, so, I'm in need of modifying the wiring for one of the pins on the saturn side of my scart connector, but, I have not got the slightest as to how this is supposed to possibly open up. Does the metal part need to be pulled straight out? Do I need to disconnect the scart lead first? Any...
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    Sega Saturn (JP) RGB SCART Pinout Info?

    Anyone have a reliable pinout diagram for using Euro SCART out of a Japanese Saturn? I picked up an scart cable ages ago that said it was ntsc us/jp compatible, but can't seem to get a signal out of it with my scart converter and suspect the cable might be at fault, just wanted to verify the...
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    Unreleased Gameboy Advance + Phone Hardware Hybrid

    The interesting bits are near the bottom - <a class="externalLink" href="https://medium.com/tech-talk/d823af31f7c" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://medium.com/tech-talk/d823af31f7c</a>
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    TurgoGrafx RCA Composite Mod info please

    Does anyone have wiring info for wiring internal RCA outputs to a TurgoGrafx? I've seen alot of info about clamping wires directly to the expansion port pins, but i'd rather have something clean on the side of the system for aesthetics/reliability sake. Any info appreciated
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    RIP poor xenon

    Looks like my launch day Xenon has finally bit the dust. Even 100% fans were apparently no match for hours of Borderlands 2. System boots then video glitches out and system freezes either before or right after dash loads, happens in xell too, RIP old friend. <img alt="[​IMG]"...
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    [Request] Panasonic Q English Remote Overlay

    anyone have a printable overlay for the Q remote? I know at one point Lik-Sang was offering an english overlay but they closed shop before I got one
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    Super Monkey Daibouken - Famicom English Translation

    don't think this popped up on romhacking.net yet, translated by the Something Awful GCCX crew <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" data-url="http://i.imgur.com/U86wm.jpg" src="http://i.imgur.com/U86wm.jpg"/> <a class="externalLink"...
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    Reproduction Carts Thread

    We kind of hijacked someone elses thread so lets have a formal thread dedicated to the making of and showing of your repro work. In addition lets consolidate information about 'how' to produce repros, I know we have some members with much more knowledge than I have (I only really do NES...
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    WTB: Famicom donor carts

    Is anyone currently in japan that could help me obtain some cheap famicom donor carts, particularly some of the boards which have no US donor equivalence. If anyone can help with this let me know, I figure it'd probably come out cheaper than me sourcing from ebay
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    FS: Stadium Events NES NTSC Repros

    per marketplace rules, this is a REPRODUCTION run using EEPROMs $20 shipped within the US, no purchase limits as I can build them as needed. $20 covers - Donor ($4) EPROMs ($2) Shipping ($5) and time related to production. I recreated the label at 400dpi, see it below in slightly...
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    Go! Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Translation

    So I'm building a repro of Go!Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club, and it turns out the translation on Romhacking.net actually locks up after a goal (probably didn't happen until emulators got more accurate, patch is from 1998), I didn't want to use the alternate patch which americanized all the...
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    The eBay Conundrum

    I know someone mentioned it before (Borman maybe?) but man what a disaster it is for some douche to file negative ebay feedback for no good reason. My feedback is below 90% now over 2 negative feedbacks and I'm already getting claims about how I clearly can't be trustworthy? Seriously? One dude...
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    can we all agree that VGA is completely out of hand at this point? market values on VGA games are in another stratosphere and it's gotten completely out of hand
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    WTB: Famicom to NES cart adapters

    specifically the adapters which can be found in some of the earlier NES releases (ie. Gyromites) and and will fit inside of an NES cart, looking for 10 if possible but I'll take any you can offer
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    Vib Ribbon NTSC-J English Patch or PAL2NTSC fix?

    Out of curiosity, maybe someone here knows, has there ever been a NTSC-J > English patch for Vib Ribbon, or a fully functional NTSC patch for the PAL version? I love Vib Ribbon but the PAL version has never worked for me and navigating japanese menus is kinda hohum, if anyone knows of a good...
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    Price Check - Willy Beamish 5.25" Sealed

    I've got a factory sealed copy of Willy Beamish on 5.25" floppies, just wondering if it retains any value at all
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    WTB: RGH 360 (Slim or Phat)

    Looking to purchase a Slim or Phat RGH console, hard drive not really required as I will be replacing. Can't really get into details, but I need this system sooner than later for a rather high profile person. Can't find one locally and don't own a nand-x already. If you can fill the need please...
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    WTB: Zelda Gold Cartridge Tote Bag

    Originally sold by hot topic a few years ago, which considering how large of a retailer it is I'm somewhat surprised at how hard the bags are to obtain from a third party at this point. If anyone has any leads on getting one lmk <img alt="[​IMG]" class="bbCodeImage LbImage"...