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    Saturn modding questions (USA location, JP console)

    I've got a white Saturn who deserves good treatment. FYI presently it plays burnt games, but is <span style="text-decoration: underline">not</span> region free. With that said, onto the Q and A. Is there a mod to increase the internal memory capacity? If not, how about the backup RAM...
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    WTB: Urusei Yatsura DVDs & stuff

    I'm in the mood for Lum please. Mainly the episodes, Only You, and Final Chapter. I might consider other items too. Wish list: TV series 16 thru 50 the 6 OVAs the 6 movies
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    GameCube service manual

    Has a complete copy (even if xeroxed) of an official Nintendo service manual for the GameCube in any language managed to reach a collector's hands? I don't think I've seen any excerpts of its original contents online.
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    Basketball and ice hockey players

    For the life of me I haven't been able to find info about athletes who made a credible effort at both sports. Definitely never heard of a player appearance in a regular season NHL and NBA game, but any other notable leagues or levels is okay too.
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    1980s and 1990s console gaming in the People's Republic of China

    Seeing as China's console ban was issued in 2000, care to enlighten me about consoles before then? Surely a dizzying boatload of Famiclones unknown to western eyes! Did any foreign manufacturer attempt to get approval pre-2000 and was denied, or was 2003's iQue Player the first fully...
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    The origins of region lockout

    A question has been nibbling at me. Where did the controversial practice begin? That I can name off the top of my head, not only is the USA NES launch the first region locked video game console, it single-handledly invented deliberate lockout in a solid state electronic device across any...
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    Gamecube color correction

    It's well established the NTSC Gamecube has a video encoding problem at 50Hz, which for educational purposes I'm looking to fix not bypass (I have a component cable). Apparently the issue is PAL-M generated instead of PAL, resulting in a non-standard format. What kind of device could correct it?
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    SCART licensing

    What official channels, if any, is one supposed to go through to commercially make and sell SCART compliant devices? Assuming the standard is proprietary, it doesn't seem like anybody cares. I haven't heard of potential trouble for unauthorized use of SCART.
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    Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones: cart with Jump Festa downloads

    How obtainable is a Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki cartridge that contains the event items? To elaborate further: This game has several items (Shadowkiller, Beacon Bow, Fiendcleaver, Bright Lance, Juna Fruit) that were only available in the Japanese version, to attendees of Jump Festa, and...
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    Inaro (lost Blue Planet Software game related to Yoshi's Cookie)

    What's the story behind this one? It doesn't specify whether the game was actually released, or what platforms it was for. Although the presentation and resolution suggests mobile phones. A demo video can be downloaded at the link below. The interesting part is that Hermetica had long since...
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    NTSC Dreamcast and 50hz mode

    How does an NTSC Dreamcast behave when a game attempts to output 50hz? Is the color PAL, NTSC, or a weird mix? Edit: not necessary
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    I need an HDD guaranteed Wii U compatible. 8GB is a nightmare, yet this console won't format the drives I've tried. Including supposedly wall-powered ones (although they are old). Not too picky about design or capacity. Noise is a concern however.
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    50 Hz-only GameCube game list

    Hey, a quick question. I'm looking for an exhaustive list of GameCube software that was limited to 50hz. Thanks. Temporary unverified list: <ul> Baten Kaitos Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ikaruga Luigi's Mansion Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6 Mario Party 7 Metal Gear...
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    Emulating WCW World Tour, Revenge & Virtual Pro Wrestling

    These three games have been a painful sight. Messing around with Project64 plugins and things, nets results like a black screen, messed up screen transitions, etc. Software rendering is more stable but slow and ugly. Is there a plugin known to work beautifully for them, or other emulators...
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    NTSC Wii Rock Revolution

    The American fate of Rock Revolution for Wii is something of an enigma. While it would generally be considered vaporware, if anyone cared, some sources claim two copies sold. Is this true? <a class="externalLink"...
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    Playing the Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing) region 2 DVD

    I happened upon this, of all things, in the wild. Except I don't know much about DVDs outside Region 1. Is there a translation of the menu navigation? What about subtitles (if available) and convenient ways to apply them? Amazon stock photo for reference: <img alt="[​IMG]"...
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    Compact simple PAL test device

    What are some cheap and small options to find out whether TVs accept standard PAL composite video, 576i @ 50Hz? If there happens to be RF, PAL60, or other things, okay too.
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    Japanese text in western MS-DOS, etc.

    What games use katakana, hiragana, or kanji characters on standard x86 versions of DOS? Simulating the effect with graphical text and such wizardry is fine. Feel welcome to discuss other computer families (Apple, TI, Atari, Commodore...) as well within reason.
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    Battery-less Wii Remote. Good idea, or not?

    I've been googling the subject, hoping for something extra perfect to eliminate from a Wii Remote the very notion of batteries or charging/replacing them. I know how sucky 3rd party battery kits can get, and even Nintendo's expensive one will inevitably lose its charge someday. These...
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    PAL region PS1 games on PS2 compatibility list

    Sure Wikipedia isn't much of a source here. Just goes to show that, like much of the English-speaking Internet, I've never heard of a single PS1 game outside North America having known issues when ran on PS2. <a class="externalLink"...