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    One Last K Kev For The Road

    K Kev
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    For every member who lives in Florida and the Surrounding States

    I hope that all members on Assembler who lives in Florida are safe and are prepared who Hurricane Irma and wish you good luck and hope you all stay safe and same to everyone who lives in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, and all other states that are...
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    Can a GDEV survive in 80+ F storage?

    I have to put my GDEV in storage for a little bit but it gets really hot where I live can it survive in 80+ degrees (F) storage?
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    favorite blues genre's / musicians

    Does anyone else have favorite blues musicians or genres ? here are some of mine. Leadbelly , Blind Lemon Jefferson , T-Bone walker , B.B King , Robert Johnson , Rev. Gary Davis , Blind Wille Mctell , Blind Willie Johnson , Charley Patton , and Bukka White
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    RIP Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali was born in as born in kentucky in 1942 he was a heavyweight champion boxer and a true hero who died at the age of 74 from respiratory complications RIP
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    RIP Abe Vigoda

    Abe Vigoda passed on 1-26-2016 at the age of 94. I will remember him for his role as Salvatore in the Godfather and as one of my favorite actors. He will be missed.
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    Merry Christmas Everybody :D

    Merry Christmas everybody i hope everybody has a good christmas and a happy new year and if you don't celebrate christmas then Happy Boxing day and happy kwanzaa <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/>
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    Grossest thing you have ever found in your food/drink

    whats the grossest thing you have ever found in your food/drink for me it was finding maggots inside a m&m bag either that or the toe nail i found in my drink of orange juice i was drinking
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    skype down worldwide

    skype is down worldwide since today what do you think about it?
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    npdp cartridge footage

    is there any npdp cartridge gameplay footage out there?
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    windows xp not connecting to internet

    my windows xp hasn't been connecting to the internet or dialup does anyone know what to do?
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    Back To The Future 30th anniversary today

    today is the 30th anniversary of back to the future <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/>
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    assemblergames Animation/Production cels collectors

    i wanted to make this thread to see if anyone here also collects animation cels here mine whats yours? <img alt="IMG_5457.JPG" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" src="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/img_5457-jpg.13556/"/> <img alt="IMG_5455.JPG" class="bbCodeImage LbImage"...
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    whats your computer background image

    i think that this forum may already exists i don't know but i want to know whats your computer background image heres mine whats yours?
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    found orange xbox

    Yesterday i found an orange i don't know if its real or fake here are some images <a class="LbTrigger" data-href="misc/lightbox" href="https://assemblergames.com/attachments/img_5678-jpg.13279/" target="_blank"><img alt="IMG_5678.JPG" class="bbCodeImage LbImage"...
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    in contact with someone

    i just got in contact with a person who got a xbox develop kit should i get it because he knows nothing about them ?
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    where to get npdp carts

    I'm trying to find a npdp cartridge but i can't find one. Does anyone know where i can buy one?
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    prototype amiibo real or fake

    this person on bay is claiming that he has a prototype link amiibo i cant tell if its the prototype or not do you think its real or fake? heres the link <a class="externalLink"...
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    is there npdp cartridge gameplay footage

    I was looking for npdp cartridge footage but i couldn't find any footage,So does anyone know where i can see some gameplay footage of the npdp cartridge.
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    what do you think about mewtwo coming back to smash i think its very cool <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/>