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Resolute Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Dreamcast Bios Chips (x25)

Feedback: Top notch guy, allowed me to collect in person and was a pleasure to do business with, very helpful too

Time: June 2011


Spirited Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Dreamcast Bios Chips (x10)

Feedback: Top bloke, flashed two with some custom files for me, great communication and arrived super quick and well packaged. Many thanks:thumbsup:

Time: June 2011


Rising Member

Action: Bought
Items(s) <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/> reamcast Bios Chips (x3) - pre-installed with Link83 bios

Feedback: shipped to US from UK, item worked great, preflash is awesome

Time: June/July 2011


Resolute Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Starfox 2 Chip

Feedback: Again, excellent service, pre-flashed and all ready to go, even included some ribbon cable

Time: June 2011


Gutsy Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Dreamcast Bios Chips x4

Feedback: No problems at all. got them sent out very quick. Thanks mate.

Time: 1st July 2011


Rapidly Rising Member

Action: Bought

Dreamcast Bios Chips (x3) - pre-installed with Link83 bios
Dreamcast Bios Chips (x2) - empty
Saturn Bios Chips (x5) - programmed

Feedback: shipped to Germany from UK within four days, well packaged. so far tested one Link83 Bios chip - works great! Thanks!

Time: July 23rd 2011


Peppy Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Sega Saturn Bios Chips pre-programmed (x20)

Feedback: Item arrived very fast from UK to USA. He also put the money upfront for the chips and collected money once he had the chip on hand.


Rising Member

Action: Bought

Items: (x3) Saturn Bios Chips - pre-flashed.

Feedback: Fast shipping, well packaged. Great communication and very helpful.

Thanks! :thumbsup:


Site Supporter 2015

Action: Bought

Items: 5x Saturn BIOS chips - pre-flashed.

Feedback: Shipped fast, packaged very well. Haven't installed any of them yet but I have no doubt they'll work if the Saturn cooperates.

Action: Bought

Dreamcast Bios Chips (x2) pre-flashed
Saturn Bios Chips (x5) pre-flashed

Feedback: Incredibly fast shipping to Portugal. Nice guy to deal with! Thanks!

Time: August 2011


Dauntless Member

Action: bought

Dreamcast Repair

Great guy, brought my Dreamcast back from the brink of death for an extremely reasonable price and kept me informed every step of the way. I willc ertianly be going to him again if I manage to break another console



Action: Bought.

Items: 3 X DC Bios flashed and 3 X Saturn Bios flashed chips.

Feedback: Great to deal with, posted quickly and replies to PM's quick. Not to mention, great prices!


Active Member

Action: Bought.

Item: 2 x Saturn Bios Chips programmed.

Feedback: Brilliant service. Excellent value for money. Highly Recommended. Thanks.


Intrepid Member

Action: Bought.
Service: PS1 modchip install.

Feedback: Bad_Ad84 offered to mod my SCPH-1000 PS1 for me with a stealth chip for a reasonable price, so I sent it to him and he started work on it immediately, and kept me updated on everything that he did. All in all, the communication was very good. He then sent it back the next day and it is here working perfectly. I can now play all the games that I want without having to worry about modchip detection in some games.

Thank you very much. <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Smile :)"/>



Action: Bought.

Items: 3 (more) Saturn Bios flashed chips.

Feedback: I'd already bought some DC and Saturn flashed bios chips. Was extremely pleased with the service received so bought some more. Again, great chap, great service and great price.

Action: Bought

Item(s): Dreamcast Bios Chips pre-programmed x3

Feedback: Top man, well packed and quickly posted, very reliable.

Cheer's :thumbsup: