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Is there any way to back up and write to dreamcast vmus and ps1 memory cards?


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I've been looking into backing up all of my save game files to my computer (and also the cloud in case my house explodes or something) and I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to backup ps1 and dreamcast memory cards to pc and also to write data from pc to dreamcast and ps1 memory cards?


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I believe you can use Free McBoot on a PS2 to backup saves from the memory card to a flash drive. You can buy them on eBay for about $8.


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That's it for PS1, use a FreeMCBoot memcard to boot into uLaunchELF, then it will let you copy/paste saves from memcard to USB (and back from USB to memcard).

For the Dreamcast, you need to buy a Dreamcast SD adapter (it's a kind of SD reader that plugs into the serial port of the Dreamcast). Then you need to burn a Dreamshell disc. Once booted into Dreamshell, you'll have a browser that let you copy/paste saves from VMU to SD (and vice-versa).

Hope it'll help.


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So just to make sure I've got this straight to back up/write ps1 saves I put my ps1 memory card into a ps2 with freemcboot and load ulaunchelf and I'm all set to back it up?

Also will Dreamshell read/write saves with the Gdemu or usb gdrom as well or just to the serial port sd card adapter?


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dreamshell on dreamcast can full backup vmu to sd card, and/or write a full image or individual saves as well.


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dreamshell on dreamcast can full backup vmu to sd card, and/or write a full image or individual saves as well.[/quote]

</div> But can it back up your vmu to or write to your vmu from a usb gdrom or gdemu?