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List of Roms don´t run on Master Everdrive


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Perhaps the lockout of SMS2 is less restrictive? It has a different BIOS version if that matters.


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Anyone have any luck with Golden Axe Warrior? It doesn't seem to work on the Everdrive GG</div><div class="quoteExpand">Click to expand...</div></blockquote>

</div> I'm having a problem with Golden Axe Warrior on the Master Everdrive. I'll play it for a while, and then the screen turns to jibberish. Has anyone else play Golden Axe Warrior, and did it work without issue? I'm planning on trying another ROM to see if the problem lies in the file I have.


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sorry to post in such an old thread but i discovered something which may be of interest regarding the asterix and the great rescue game. while running this game on my pal master system 1 it does actually boot past a black screen. trouble is the game is running so slow it takes a while. i discovered this by accident.
i can understand anyone thinking it hangs on black screen due to the time it takes for the first screen to appear. then in between screens it's painfully slow. like when running an emulator for a system on a very outdated pc. i'm hoping maybe this info will be useful in pinpointing exactly whats causing this game to not work properly.
i've also heard this game wont work on ntsc master systems but i cant confirm that. i can confirm the game does not work on a 50/60hz modded megadrive in either 50 or 60hz modes using both mega everdrive and everdrive md.
my pal master system is a version which supports the same vdp as master system 2 models (codemasters games work) it's the model with hangon, safari hunt and the snail game built in but i don't think this info is relevant because as far as i know the asterix and the great rescue game don't require the MS2 vdp anyhow. has anyone else experienced the game running extremly slow but booting behavior with pal master systems?


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I can't remember what the problem with emulating Asterix was for the life of me, but I know a patched rom is out there....

Aside from that, be wary of ROMs that have unclean copier headers that might confuse the emu/flashcart/console.


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So, how does one get the 4 PAK All Action Rom to work on the Master Everdrive? I've got a Japanese MS, a US SMS (snail maze), and a US SMS (safari hunt/hang on), and they all open the ROM, but loop back to the game's menu anytime you select a game.


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i think the 4 pak game don't work due to using an obscure mapper. i think that krikzz would have to improve sms mapper support in the future for this collection to work.