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Non lincensed Neo Geo (prototype) games ?


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I never had a Neo Geo as a kid, it was always something smiling at me from magazines from abroad and in a price range out of my imagination. <img alt=":p" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie7" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Stick Out Tongue :p"/>

Also the stores did not sell a Neo Geo here back in the days.

I had a look at the Neo Geo games list and wondered if there have been attempts of companies to bring titles like, just for example, Terminator or Star Wars to the Neo Geo ?

I ask because it feels like Neo Geo only had "its own titles", excepet for Bomberman or Puzzle Bobble.
(Im not really familar with the Neo Geo at alll, but only knwoign Sonic and Mario back then, nearly all titles felt "wired" to me a s a kid, as I never heard of the main characters. Im aware many Neo Geo titles got ported to various other systems, but never the other way around (except for Bomberman or Puzzle Bubble). Forgive me if Iam entirly wrong here because of...reasons. ^^

So, if there had been attempts, why did those games get canceled or who and why did decide against it ?

Are there maybe prototype discs or demos of titles that never made it to the Neo Geo, because...because they were "Terminator or Star Wars" and "just didnt fit" Neo Geo ?

Thanks in advance.


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Besides Bomberman and Puzzle Bobble, the live-action movie from Double Dragon was also released on Neo Geo in fighting game form. Also a while ago it was discovered a prototype from an unnamed fighting game.

I think there wasn't enough interest from the Neo Geo developers in trying to get a license from other franchises, given they were quite successful with their own, perhaps they only focused to grow on them. By the time the Neo Geo plattform was in decline a Star Wars game wouldn't save it, and perhaps it wouldn't be authorized when there were more attractive platforms.


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I wonder if SNK had the same problem Nintendo had with their proprietary cartridges costing so much to manufacture - so third-party developers were less inclined to program for them because the profit margins were much lower.