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O/S v8 (questions)

Another World

Newly Registered

I received an Everdrive GG and have a few questions. I would like to start off by asking about the O/S build. When I press 2 I see a "main menu". The options here are Start Game, Device Info, and about.

I have the following listed in Device Info:
CLPD Version: 3
OS Version: 8
Max Dir Size: 512
Cart Type: GG
Asm Date: 29.05.2014

Firstly, this is an unreleased build of the O/S? I can't seem to find it for download or locate any change log that lists what it offers over v7 beta.
Secondly, I do not see the "Tools" menu that I have read about. It was in this menu that you would update the O/S and set up SRAM? Is there another way to get to this menu?
Finally, I am looking for a menu option for writing saves. Am I to assume that the game will automatically write to the empty save.sav I have in Root? How do I control other games wanting to write to this? Should saves be set up 1 per game and named the same as the ROM?

After getting in touch with the developer I found out that O/S v8 is an unreleased (finalized) build of O/S v7 beta. It has the same change log.
The "tools" menu was removed. The O/S software now automatically backs-up and reloads all .sav files. There is no longer any need to have an empty save.sav file.

Thank you,
-Another World