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PC-8801 V3 Mode


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According to Wikipedia.

[li]<i>V1 mode: 640 × 200 8 colors, 640 × 400 2 colors
[li]<i>V2 mode: 640 × 200 8 out of 512 colors, 640 × 400 2 out of 512 colors</i>[/li]
[li]<i>V3 mode: 640 × 200 65536 colors, 640 × 400 256 out of 65536 colors, 320 × 200 65536 colors, 320 × 400 64 out of 65536 colors</i>[/li]
Does anybody know if any of the games took advantage of this mode on the PC-88?


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The PC88VA and PC98DO machines were were weird hybrid machines. The PC88VA had a NEC V50 CPU which basically was a emnbedded version of the V30 which was an Intel 8086 clone but had 8080 emulation as well, it featured some other hardware to emulate the Z80, however the timing for the V1 and V2 modes was different so a number of games would not work. As far as I am aware the V3 mode was only accessible by the V50 side of the machine and there were PC88VA games, inclusing R-Type, Macross and some enhanced games. The same way a handful of games came out for the MSX Turbo R with it's 16bit R800 and thousand of colour modes.

The PC88VA3 was the only machine ever to support 2TD 3.5" discs, triple density discs that would hold 9.3mb ( <a class="externalLink" href="http://vuj.dip.jp/~mkato/pc88/fd810-1.jpg" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://vuj.dip.jp/~mkato/pc88/fd810-1.jpg</a> ) and this was back in 1988 when most of us were on 5.25" discs that held under 360K.

The PC98DO was a PC9801 that have a PC8801 mode, so it could run software of both machines, however it lacked PC88VA mode but was a similar price to the PC88VA3 but require you to buy a PC88 system disc and lacked FM sound in 8801 modes..