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Site Patron

Action: Bought from

Item(s): N-Gage (boxed) + several games

Feedback: Just as expected from a long-time member as Segafreak_NL - great seller, everything done very fast, and superb packaging. Even offered to refund me some € after finding out before shipping that one of the extra batteries was busted. Would gladly recommend and do business with again, thanks! <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/>

Time: March 2016


Robust Member

Action: Bought from

Item: Saturn discs

Feedback: Easy to deal with. Many thanks!

Time: October 2017


A Clockwork Knight~

Action: Bought from

Item: Sega Saturn Prototype "Clockwork Knight: Pengin War (Oct 21, 1995)" and Clockwork Knight PAL "Retail Promo Box".

Feedback: The items arrived in great condition and very fast, too (Shipped from Netherlands via Priority Mail on October 2nd, and arrived on October 5th in the UK!). Still enjoying them to this day.
On another note, Segafreak_NL is someone I consider a good friend (even though we do not speak so often), and who has been really great to me in the past.They are someone who is well known, respected and trusted in this community, and for good reason!
Thanks as always~

Time: 2017.09.30 (30th September, 2017); Sorry for posting this a year and a half later! haha


Site Supporter 2016

Action: Bought from <a class="username" data-user="363, @Segafreak_NL" href="https://assemblergames.com/members/363/">@Segafreak_NL</a>

Item(s): Sega Wall Plates

Feedback: Pleasant to deal with, promptly shipped out item. Item arrived safely, was packed nicely. Was exactly as described.

Time: Feb 2019