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Technical Documents & Software Tools rules - updated March 2015



This forum is for spreading technical documents and dev tools.


Discuss anything.

Share anything except PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii-U, PSP, Vita, and 3DS dev software.
You can discuss this software as much as you like and even post screencaps.
However, I can't have any links to downloads.

Homebrew / hacks / community made tools for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii-U, PSP, Vita, and 3DS are fine.
As long as it's not copyrighted.

This is out of respect for the people who make the tools,
some of whom are members.

Moderator for this forum is Kammedo


-Revision by subbie 12/31/12-
Changing DS->3DS, Adding Vita & Wii-U.

-Revision by retro 3/19/15-
Added PS4 & Xbox One.


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Could be that, for the most part, it's just a jacked up GameCube. It apparently uses at least parts of the GameCube SDK (or at least one would be able to use said SDK but would be unable to take advantage of any Wii-specific functions).


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Seems to me like there's not much going on in this part of the forum. Is there a reason for that?


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Not much files are found? I just read the rules and wonder if my 360 and xbox presenttaions are ok... its not software and its "old" gen now... I think. anyway, this part of the forum holds many gems <img alt=":D" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Big Grin :D"/>