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Unlock PSP 7 OFW Communication in PS3 Update Firmware


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All PSP Model to Unlock 7.xx OFW Communication available in CD

* * * Don't post all and being wise because it will deface any website will gone don't share * * *

Any PSP upgraded to CFW direct upgrade to 6.60 CFW CD (No Serial No Laser read damage) to 7.xx OFW CD (No Serial No Laser read damage)

To Unlock by PS3 Update Firmware
1. Search working OPL in PSP 7.xx OFW
2. PS3 Update Firmware , find OPL & iso in HEX then copy & paste for extract PS3 Update .iso
3. In PSP, Go in upper right corner of screen and press X button repeatedly until Settings appear then mark all & ignore can't unmark
4. Clue Download PS3 Action Games (Gun Shooting, Location at USA & Snow Climate) unpopular
5. Put OPL working in PSP, PS3 Update .iso, Action Games in game folder at internal storage
6. Go in upper left corner of screen have appear rectangle and press X to open OPL .elf, play PS3 Update .iso

New Features Unlock:
• Play CSO and iso Games
• Larger Storage Size Sony Memory Stick & internal storage format system
• New Communication
• High Graphix
• High Graphics

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