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What happened to Assemblergames?


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A lot has happened<br>
Mods stepped down, there was a lot of bans, arguments from another similar site and former member, security problems, site got hacked at some point and took a lot of time to come back<br>
The current status of the site is "it's alive" since the hardcore people have left or moved on, or they left due to the lack of moderation now (its literally just kevin now and even then he's not on ever).
Things can be going a lot better right now. I'm downplaying this a lot because I just want to give a short timeline.


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I really don't see any difference before/after.

Sometimes things are busy, sometimes things are quiet.

I see "this place is dead" posted a few times, why? People are still posting just like they used to, same old threads, etc.. People forget that a lot of projects have reached completion now, especially SD Card&gt;All console backup solutions. All we're missing is clones of the Saturn emuboards, but that's about it. Those discussions are pages and pages long and very active for the last 4-5 years... but they're also now done and dusted (mostly) So there's not much more to discuss. I'd say that's the biggest dip.

We're also 'between' consoles with Sony due to announce the Ps5 soon - another period when there's not much to discuss.

New protos surface sometimes - there's a 2018 thread dedicated to that which is the same as all the previous years.

New homebrew is discussed, we get to hear about the latest WIP projects... especially for the Dreamcast.

There's a lot of technical discussion lately - that's quite healthy, and very informative, detailed, etc...

Some people don't post anymore, but there are still a lot of others who do, and there seems to be a healthy amount of new users popping up.

Is the forum "dead" because there hasn't been any drama for a while? Is that what people mean? What do people expect when they login? Fireworks? Some sort of snazzy animated intro?

Also, a few of the old mods still post here occasionally.
I noticed once the drama stopped and the mods stepped down the SPAM posts came to a halt, which was odd.

I'm trying to figure out if the /media was manually removed, license expired or maybe there's disk corruption?