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Enthusiastic Member

Action: Bought from
Item: Lego Wii Remote
Feedback: Very happy! I couldn't find these anywhere, thanks for the service <img alt=":)" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie1" src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png" title="Smile :)"/>


Spirited Member

Action: bought for me and sendt to me

Item: RadioShack desoldering iron and desoldering braid

Time: February 2011

Comment: Great seller, will definitely do bussiness with him again.


Site Supporter 2013

Action: Brought from

Item: Duke Nukem Balls of Steel

Comments: He helped me to get this game from Amazon and shipped to me. It was very well packaged. Many thanks!


Robust Member

Action: Bought (Help in buying)

Item(s): Uncharted Merchandise

Feedback: Fantastic absolutely amazing to deal with, what more I can I say this superstar is a credit to this forum, smooth criminal transaction. His service was second to none, very easy going, collected and down to earth.

Items dispatched professionally!

Excellent communication skills always kept me informed of the situation :thumbsup:

Would definitely deal with again, super duper! :dance:

Happy New Year....

Date: 01/01/2012

Business on the move!


Robust Member

Action: Bought

Item(s): Promo ND items

Feedback : Simply the best a credit to this community, very easy going, collected and down to earth.

Packaging was absolutely superb used good protective materials (thank you).

Very good negotiator indeed hard bargainer but certainly knows his stuff!

Excellent communication skills always kept me informed of the situation (Top Man)!

Would definitely deal with again without a shadow of a doubt, super duper!

Date: June 2012

Business on the move!


Gutsy Member

Action: Helped me buy an item, which was US only, and then shipped it to me.

Item: 1978 Sunbeam Toaster (Nintoaster II model, known from AVGN)

Feedback: A gift to have at a forum like this.
Was very quick in responding and helping me out. Gave me details along the way and shipped quickly towards me.
Item arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and without damage.

Very grateful for the help. I would not have been able to obtain the item without. Can highly recommend!

August 2018.