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The Tick

<span style="color: #333333">Action: Sold</span>
<span style="color: #333333">Items: 1x Blank DC Chip, 1x Pre-flashed link83 bios, 2x Sega Saturn Region free bios.[/span]
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback: No problems, thanks</span>


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Just adding a note to the thread

If you have any concerns with my products contact me via PM :encouragement:,
i'll try my best to do what i can.



<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Items: 1x MM3 Mod Chip for PS1 7501</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback: Awesome communication, product received super fast (considering I don't even get stuff this fast from places in my own country!) works perfect. [/span]


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<span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought
Items: 2x MM3 Mod Chip for PS1 9x
Feedback: great communication, instructions were good, and product works great. [/span]


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<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought</span>[/span] From
<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Items: A region switch</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback:[/span] Great seller , super fast shipping from Canada to the US. He even gave me an extra! Would buy from again for sure!!!


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Action: Bought from
Items: Modded PS2
Feedback: Great communication, fast shipping (especially from Canada to the US), good packing, everything in the condition promised and works perfectly.


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<span style="text-decoration: underline">Action:[/span] Bought
<span style="text-decoration: underline">Items:[/span] Modded PS1
<span style="text-decoration: underline">Feedback:[/span] Nice Communication, Work Like a Charm and Very Clean... Maybe I Buy From It Again Later


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Action: Bought from
Items: Modbo and XenoGC
Feedback: Got the items in less than a week from Canada. Answered any questions I had. Will definitely order from him again.


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<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Items: XenoGC 2.0</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Feedback: Great seller, good communication and fast shipping</span>[/span]


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<span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought from</span>
<span style="color: #333333">Items: XenoGC premodded Gamecube</span>
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback: Great product, working exactly as expected. Slight delay due to original unit not working properly, glad to have the delay for a fully functioning gamecube.[/span]


Newly Registered

<span style="color: #333333">Action: Bought from</span>
<span style="color: #333333">Items: [/span] Purchased 2x Modbo4.0
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback: [/span] Came extremely fast. Would do business with again.


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action: bought from
item: modbo 4.0 v1.93
feedback: very nice guy, item came well packed, very nice guy will buy from again


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<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Action: Purchased f</span>[/span] rom
<span style="color: #333333"><span style="color: #333333">Item: Replacement PS1 spindles</span>[/span]
<span style="color: #333333">Feedback:[/span] Great deal. The spindles were shipped on the cheap, look really close to original ones, and Zer0-2k11 even tossed in some extras. Thanks!


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Action: Purchase
Item: MM3, Saturn region-free BIOS, Xbox Alladin chip.
Feedback: Took a week to get to midwest USA. Everything was professional packaged and got here safely.


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Action: Purchased From
Items: (2) Aladdin XT chips
Super fast shipping, quick response to PMs...a overall great seller. Mahalo from Hawaii!