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Action: Bought from
Item: 2x Phantom Universal Modchip & a XenoGC
Feedback: Perfect Seller, kept me up to date, quick and clear communication and really fast delivery (4 days from Canada to UK)



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Action: Bought from
Item: 10x Phantom Universal Modchip
Feedback: Perfect Seller, fast delivery. Excellent!!!


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Action: Bought from
Item: 1x Phantom Universal Modchip
Feedback: Perfect seller, fast shipping and delivery. Would definitely recommend.


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Action: Purchased from
Item: 2x Phantom Universial, 2 bios'
Feedback: Brought from Zer0 a few times, every time its has arrived in a matter of days even though its being sent from halfway across the world, highly recommend


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Action: Bought
Item's: 5 phantom's, 5 ps-1 mayumi v4's and 2 sega saturn bio's
Feedback: Highly recommended for your modding need's


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Items: 2x Phantoms
Feedback: Great service, goods arrived within 7 days (to UK). Great price too. Highly recommended and I'd have no hesitation dealing with you again.


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Items: 1x Saturn bios, 1x Dreamcast bios
Feedback: Fast shipping to NY. Items well packaged. Quality A+. Will most definitely do business again.


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Items: XenoGC, Phantom Universal, Alladin XT Plus2
Feedback: Fast Shipping, Good packaging, Will do business again!


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yep this zer0 guy deserves his own thread for being an awesome guy! keep up the good work zer0 your contributions to the modding and retro gaming scene are to be remembered and honored forever!



Action: Bought
Items: MM2, Mayumi v4, PS1 spindles
Feedback: Fast shipping, very helpful support, highly recommended!


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Action: Bought From
Items: Phantom Universal modchip, Sega Saturn Region Free Bios JAP v1.01
Feedback: A pleasant individual to work with and is very straight forward when making a transaction and operates as quickly as he can. Not only that, his products are high quality and function as advertised. This was my first time doing business with Zer0, and it won't be my last.


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Action: Purchased
Item: XenoGC
Feedback: Awesome and fast seller, got here in one week from Canada to US, great price and excellent communication!


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I bought 1x Phantom, 1x Saturn region free bios, 1x Dreamcast region free bios, 1x modbo 4.0, 1x XenoGC, and 1x Aladdin.
All products were top notch and zero is also a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.

Action: Bought from
Item: ModBo 4.0 and Mayumi v4 chips
Feedback: Great items, good packaging and quick shipping! Thanks!


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<span style="text-decoration: underline">Action:[/span] Bought from
<span style="text-decoration: underline">Item:[/span] Xeno GC chip
<span style="text-decoration: underline">Feedback:[/span] The chip arrived quickly and was packed nicely. Very nice guy. Replied to my questions quickly. Great doing business with him and I'll definitely be buying from him again in the future! Thanks again!


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Action: Purchase
Item: Phantom Universal Chip
Feedback: Great price. Arrived in one piece in around 4 days. Will definitely refer to anyone looking for a chip in the future. Thanks.